State of the Art Recording Facilities, Two Digital Pro Tools Studio and On-location Recording - CD Mastering

Our clientele ranges from the up and coming to the legendary. We've recorded everything from Ancient Mayan instruments to Electric Violin. For those just starting out in the business, we are a comfortable, affordable and creative environment to begin your journey to greatness. Whether you need a competitive demo that's expertly produced and mixed to radio standards, or are just looking for inspiration and help in your development, we can provide for your specific needs. Our staff includes multi-platinum selling producers and writers and our studio is state of the art.


  • Two Digital Pro-Tools Studios with Logic Pro and Digital Performer

  • Full production of pop/rock CDs using live drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals

  • Full production of Original Film Scores and Jingles

  • Specialize in commercials with Voice Overs, SFX, and music

  • Classical music specialists, we have recorded orchestra with chorus, brass quintet, viola, violin and piano, string ensembles and even individual audition tapes

  • On-location recording services for various music ensembles and venues including On site recording of Voice Overs featuring business owners and general managers for commercials

  • Experts at creating midi background tracks, using the latest computer software

  • New Yamaha C6 Concert Grand Piano

  • Recording quality is up to 24 bit/192K digital with the finest microphones and processing effects

  • Mixed and mastered on the premises to ensure your project is radio/broadcast ready


Pro-Tools HD3 & Digi 003 with Apogee Rosetta 800 Converters
Logic Pro
Digital Performer
TC Electronics M-One Effects Processor
2 Focusrite ISA110 Mic Pre-amps
Avalon VT 737sp Mic Pre-amp
Millennia HV-3C Stereo Mic Pre-amp
Millenia M2B 2 channel Tube Pre Amp
2 API 512C Pre Amps
2 OSA MP1-C Pre Amps
Waves Platinum Plug-ins
Amp Farm
Tape Head
Lexicon 300 outboard Effects Processor/Reverb
Lexicon PCM 90 Reverb
Line 6 Echo Pro Delay
and much more....

Neumann M149 Tube Mic
Neumann U87
2 Schoeps MK 21s
Royer 122 Ribbon Microphone
2 AKG 414s
2 AKG C3000s
AKG D112
Audix D6
Geffel UM70
Avant CR14 Ribbon Mic
2 Octava MK12s
plus the usual arsenal of SM57s and 58s other standard mics

We also have access to almost any mic through our collaborators. Just ask and we'll get you what you need.

VO Talent Samples:
Click here to sample a few of our favorite voices...
Ed at Soundboard

Yamaha C6 Concert Grand Piano

Setting up for a live drum session on Billy Gilman's Christmas Single

Sound Studio

V.O. Session



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