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Daring and versatile with instrumentation and style, we are known for our innovative sounds and textures. Working closely with the director, writers and producers, we help define moods and styles and enhance the overall viewing and listening experience.

We work with only the finest studio and orchestral musicians for our live productions and can also accommodate smaller budgets with electronically produced scores.


THE ILLUSIONARIUM (Norwegian Cruise Line) Dome Videos

• Composed and Produced the Music
• Created the Sound Design in surround sound

These videos are featured both on our Broadway/National Show page and here on the Movie/TV Music page, as they are great examples of Edward B. Kessel’s Movie-esque scoring style.

(Videos by Light-Harvest Studio)

Please click here for more information about this gem of a show and it’s team of Broadway creatives.

• Composed and Produced 8 Original Songs

July 23rd, 2010 marks the national theatrical release of the new movie musical, “Standing Ovation.” Emmy award winning executive producer, James Brolin joined forces with writer/director Stewart Raffill (Philadelphia Experiment, The New Swiss Family Robinson, Passenger 57, Across the Great Divide…) to create this wonderful new movie about 2 young singing/dancing groups competing to win the biggest music video competition in America. Competition, comedy, music, dancing, romance, and heartfelt drama make Standing Ovation a hit for the whole family. Ed Kessel and co-writers Sandy Linzer and Marc Hoffman wrote and produced eight songs, which are featured in the movie. Coming soon to a theater near you!
Some Fish Can Fly"Some Fish Can Fly" won rave reviews from NBC –TV's veteran film critic Jeffrey Lyons. The film showcases a traditional Irish and modern, quirky, comedic score.

Using veteran musicians, we incorporated pennywhistles, Irish fiddle, accordion, guitar, piano and strings to create a stylistically accurate and genuine sound. Producer Joe Zock gushed, "Your music gave our movie a soul". Director Robert Pappas enthusiastically added, "You were brilliant!"

Natural Forces"Natural Forces" is a post-apocalyptic story which takes place in the future. Ed Kessel was inspired to create a whole new genre of music.

Using authentic Ancient Mayan instruments, Ed and writing partner, Marc Hoffman, incorporated conch shells, African drums, human harmonics, wooden trumpets, renaissance flutes and live strings combined with synthesized sounds. The result added a new dimension to the film, heightening its dramatic intensity and realism.
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" – Without dialogue, our music guided the audience through this entire art film. Sound Mixer Alan Gus of Matlin Recording said, "I didn't know what the film was about until I mixed your music in with it...then suddenly it all made sense".

"Passing Thru Linden" – A feature film executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Sound Imagination created music for electronic storyboards and the promotional video.


2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece – Our music added a new dimension to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Athens 2004

"Paddington Bear" and "Babar" national spots for Macy's and numerous other national commercials including AT&T and Westin Hotels.

Paddington Bear

"Crows" – a National Geographic Television special. Our score highlighted the quirky, playful nature of the Crows in this nationally televised special.

National Geographic

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