Voice of the ChildrenVOICE OF THE CHILDREN
Voice Of The Children...their words are preserved but their voices will never be heard again.

Inspired by the desire to create a voice for those children who can no longer speak for themselves, Edward B. Kessel composed Voice Of The Children for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Voice Of The Children was written for the Museum's Ceremonies of Remembrances and Dedications honoring Eli Weisel, Steven Spielberg and Isaac Stern for their efforts on behalf of Holocaust survivors and victims. Composed for Flute virtuoso, Miriam Lynn Nelson, this music sings the poetic words and pictures created by children of the ghetto, Terezin.


SweetheartsSWEETHEARTS – Real life sweethearts and superb operatic duo Barbra Russell and Ron Sharpe capture the music and passion of "old Hollywood" couple Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy in this magical CD. Barbra and Ron first met while playing the romantic leads of "Marius" and "Cosette" on Broadway in "Les Miserable." Critics wrote, "Their voices soar like angels!" "The chemistry between them on stage is magical!" Ed Kessel's orchestration breathes new life into these legendary songs of the 1930's and 40's.

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Voices of Art

Voices Of Art was recorded and produced on CD. The conductor's score, instrumental parts and CD are available through Sound Imagination. Call 1 800 41 SOUND.

Voices Of Art, Edward Kessel's first major symphonic work for orchestra, is dedicated to his father Jerold J. Kessel. Based on four paintings by Deborah Korins and Jon Ellis, Voices Of Art tells a musical tale of each painting. It was premiered by The New Phiharmonic of New Jersey, Leon Hyman conducting, on May 6, 1995. The piece received the highest critical acclaim! Peter Spencer of The Star Ledger wrote:

A Ride In The Rumbleseat, composed by Edward B. Kessel for brass quintet, takes the listener on a sprightly, fun, frolicking ride! It was first premiered by the New Philharmonic of New Jersey’s Brass Quintet in 1994 and has been performed by numerous brass quintets throughout the world. It is available through Hidalgo Music Publications.


Jupiter’s Circus, for brass quintet, conjures up visions of inter-stellar trapeze artists, otherworldly circus animals, and Jupiterian Flying Wizards! A truly exciting piece that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Jupiter’s Circus has been performed internationally! It is proudly dedicated to Edward Kessel’s former trumpet teacher and mentor, Alfred Weissman.


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