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"A Tale of Two Cities" (The Broadway Musical)

"Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"

"Everything Stays The Same"
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  • Drama Desk Nomination: Outstanding Orchestrations

  • Broadway Orchestrations/Arrangements

  • Associate Producer

Composer/Writer: Jill Santoriello with Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews: “It was such a treat! Beautiful voices, terrific performances, music, story, costumes and sets…” “I confess to wiping a tear from my eye at the end.”

Kathy Lee Gifford: “Amazing show! I loved the orchestrations”

Dennis DeYoung: “The best sounding show I’ve heard on Broadway!”

Ed Kessel's most exciting venture to date, orchestrating and arranging the new Broadway Musical, "A Tale Of Two Cities", by Jill Santoriello. “A Tale Of Two Cities” hit the Broadway stage at the Hirschfeld theater on August 19, 2008! Critics raved…”A Magical Musical,” “A thrilling experience,” “The audience cheered, some even wept!” Every performance received a full house standing ovation. "A Tale Of Two Cities" marks the return to the epic musicals. It’s based on the Charles Dickens novel and features lavish period costumes, dramatic staging and masterfully orchestrated musical numbers. “Tale” also wowed audiences at it’s pre-Broadway debut at the historic Asolo Theater in Sarasota FL. in October of 2007.

Lucinda Hawksley: “As a Dickens expert, Patron of the Charles Dickens Museum in London – and a great great great granddaughter of the novelist – I loved A Tale of Two Cities on Broadway. It was original, true to the novel and well cast. Of all the adaptations I have seen (and there have been a number!), this was the best!"
-Lucinda Dickens Hawksley

The second coming of Les Miz!
-David Richardson
WOR Radio

It’s impossible not to be moved!
-Elysa Gardner
USA Today

Filled with talent and charm!
-Roma Torre

Awash with sound and fury!
-Michael Kuchwara
Associated Press

"Everything is here to stir the soul – young love, purity, vengeance, villainy, valor – all played out against historic revolution in song, spectacle and heartbreak.”
-Irene Backalenick
The Connecticut Post

"Tony Walton’s skeletal setting and impressionistic backcloths are ingenious. David Zinn’s costumes are stylish and Richard Pilbrow’s lighting is imaginative!"

Rousing and Engaging!
"The show’s best asset is James Barbour, a charismatic actor with a booming baritone that rocks the rafters. He’s matched in voice by lovely newcomer Brandi Burkhardt as Lucie Manette, Gregg Edelman stands out as the goodly Dr. Manette. Designed to be a crowd pleaser, there is no denying A TALE OF TWO CITIES’ succeeds."

James Barbour has remarkable range and color.
"Tony Walton smartly moves the story through hundreds of locations throughout Paris and London. And that’s just before intermission!"

Truly winning!
"Barbour displays matinee idol showmanship and a genuine flair for old-fashioned melodrama."

It's got a rousing score
"The company is first-rate and the story's noble sacrifice, beautifully realized by Jill Santoriello, doesn't leave a dry eye in the house."
September 2008

Ed Kessel with Director/Choreographer Warren Carlyle & Composer/Writer Jill Santoriello
A tremendous, magnificent grand new musical.
"It was the best of times” at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. A lush production. A TALE OF TWO CITIES has earned a special place in the history of the theatre. The music is excellent. Directed and choreographer with brio and warmth by Warren Carlyle. The cast of 40 is one of the best ensembles I’ve seen on stage."

A dramatic love story for the ages.
"One of the biggest productions to hit Broadway in some time. Hilarious moments give the characters a dimension and humanity that only a live setting can do. James Barbour makes a convincing return to Broadway. Natalie Toro gives a powerhouse performance."

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“The Illusionarium” (Norwegian Cruise Line)

The Illusionarium (Norwegian Cruise Line)
  • Composed and Produced the Soundtrack for the dome videos and live acts.

  • Created the Sound Design for the videos and live acts.

(Videos by Light-Harvest Studio) These videos are projected onto a giant dome in the middle of the theater and accompanied by live action and effects.

The Illusionarium (Norwegian Cruise Line) “The Illusionarium” is the first show of it’s kind, produced by Norwegian Cruise Line with a creative team led by Broadway Director and Choreographer Patti Wilcox. It features designs by Tony Award winning Scenic Designer, David Gallo and an original score by Drama Desk Nominee, Edward B. Kessel. “The Illusionarium” is based on a concept by veteran magician Jeff Hobson and includes some of the top names in magic.

It’s a gem of a show, filled with magical mysteries, music, live acts and videos which are projected onto a 30 foot dome in the middle of the theater.

Special thanks to Zach Inkley, one of the newest members of the Sound Imagination team for his help with the SFX design.

The Illusionarium (Norwegian Cruise Line)


Magic-infused 'illusionarium' opens on Norwegian ship
Gene Sloan, Cruise Log, USA TODAY 12:59 p.m. EST January 17, 2014

Enjoy a getaway that is pure magic



SeaWorld's New Shamu Show – "Believe"

  • Arranged and produced the title track, "Believe".

  • Arranged and produced the vocals for the entire production.

Shamu Believe Ed Kessel was thrilled to be part of SeaWorld history with opening of "Believe," a captivating and visually stunning show at SeaWorld that stars Shamu the killer whale. Playing in San Diego and Florida, "Believe" blends new killer whale behaviors with elaborate set pieces, music, choreography and state-of-the-art multimedia.

"Believe" takes guests on a journey in which anyone believes they can connect with these magnificent mammals. This inspirational new show reflects the close relationship SeaWorld trainers have with the killer whales, as well as amazes guests with a series of exciting new behaviors.

Shamu Stadium is transformed for "Believe". The majestic presence of Shamu is reflected in a new 2-story stage. A spectacular water fountain sprays across the width of the show pool. Three new underwater cameras capture Shamu below the surface. A giant 3-story whale tail soars high above the set. Four LED screens move and rotate as they highlight the power and beauty of SeaWorld's killer whales. Many of the whales' new behaviors are choreographed to "Believe's" original and inspiring musical score, recorded by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague.


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